Wake & Make #9: Painting with the Grey-Scale

Saturday 2 October 10am – 11.30am

When we observe the world around us, we are in fact observing the way light lands on our surroundings, with the added delight of the colour spectrum. So how do we capture this wonder? And further, how do we create this in an acrylic painting?

This workshop with Ashlee Bucholtz will grow your understanding of ‘light and tone’ in the shades of grey. Ashlee will teach you simple techniques painting with the greyscale, creating an acrylic artwork. You will be guided through a step-by-step process of how to create a grey tonal palette using black and white acrylic paint and then apply colour over the top.

Materials you will need to prepare

  • A4 piece of thick paper or canvas/canvas board. Either will work for this exercise
  • Spray bottle with water & a cup of water
  • Led pencil
  • A large plastic or Ceramic plate if you don’t own a palette
  • A rake brush
  • A range of small to medium brushes of your choosing
  • Acrylic paint black & white and range of colours of your choosing
  • (Optional) retarder or glazing acrylic medium. But this exercise can be achieved without this.

If you do not own a set of an acrylic paints, affordable paints can be purchased from a news agency, The Artist store in Katoomba or Eckersley’s Art supplies online.


Ashlee Bucholtz is an emerging artist, practising and living in the Blue Mountains with a BFA from the National Art School, Sydney.

Ashlee’s current painting practice focuses on the narrative of the invisible and our perception of the unknown. Her paintings pull at the underpinning structures of old spaces, memories and the sensation felt through my body. “For myself, the idea of memory, space and body are not clearly defined, and the veneer of these structures no longer resemble a function but instead a sensibility”.

Ashlee’s work can be seen at www.ashleebucholtz.com or daygallery.com.au

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