Wake & Make #6: Painted Pets – Watercolour for the beginner

Join us for our new online program Wake & Make – a series of fun and social, stay at home creative workshops to brighten up your Saturday morning!
Grab a cup of tea and connect with others, as local artists take you through some arts and making activities to keep you inspired.

Saturday 4 September: Painted Pets – Watercolour for the beginner
10am – 11.30am

Have you got watercolour paints but have been too afraid to use them? Then this class is for you! Using our beloved pets as subjects, this workshop is designed for people wanting to learn some basics in watercolour painting. We will start off by exploring ways to depict fur, and as we play, we will discover traditions such as working light to dark, layering, using wet paper or brushes compared to dry, and more. Then we will create a portrait of your pet!

Images of your pet photocopied onto A4 paper (you can work smaller if you like too)
Watercolour paper heavy weight 300gm A4 At least 3 peices
Watercolour paint
Brushes Size 10, 6, and 0 all round, synthetic is fine
Two spare brushes one short bristle and another old one that can be ‘ruined’
Water jar
Paper towel or rag to clean brushes
Spare paper
Black ballpoint pen or fine tip pen
White gel pen or white gouache
2b and 6b pencils
The following items would be helpful but not essential:
Masking tape
Board slightly larger than the A4 paper
Graphite paper

$15. Register via Eventbrite here. 

Blue Mountains artist – Alison Rose
Alison’s lifelong passion for the creative arts has seen her pursue many successful ventures. Alison initially trained as a high school visual arts teacher but, after having children, she developed a range of artistic businesses to fit with raising her family – from photography to greeting cards, painting and bespoke cake toppers. Completing a graduate diploma in art therapy in 2018, she was an M16 Drawing Prize finalist in 2020. Alison’s ‘Dogs of Springwood’ exhibition at Braemar Gallery in early 2021 was tremendously successful with high attendance and sales. Alison’s self-published book ‘I Like Dogs’ is a delightful pre-reader bursting with intricate ballpoint pen drawings of our canine friends. Alison is currently in high demand for her pet portraits and is also delving back into a former passion – ceramics. For more information, search #alisonwondered.