Our Favourite Podcasts

Yes, we love Netflix but you can only binge watch for so long. The team at the Cultural Centre also love listening to podcasts so we’ve rounded up our favourites for your listening inspiration.

All Aussie Mystery Hour


From the folks at PEDESTRIAN.TV comes a podcast for everyone who loves yowies, big cat sightings, unsolved mysteries and true crime. Josie and Mel have a huge and loyal fan base who love their banter and comedic take on some of Australia’s most baffling mysteries.

Unravel: Snowball


Ollie Wards was a content director at Triple J when he stepped down to investigate his own families involvement in a love fraud scandal so bizarre you’ll have trouble believing some of it. When Ollie’s brother marries a bubbly and charismatic American woman who ends up defrauding his family of most of their money, Ollie vows to track her down but in doing so finds a web of lies, broken hearts and failed businesses that keep him going further down the rabbit hole than he ever intended.



A Triple J Podcast, Inspired is comprised of short, easy to devour episodes that focus on the stories behind some of our favourite songs. Lucy Smith invites legends such as Paul Kelly, Missy Higgins and The Prodigy to delve into the origin stories their iconic tracks. Even if you’re not a fan of all the music featured the stories behind the songs are fascinating

The Alarmist


Our current times of the Covid-19 pandemic have already had a feature on this podcast. This history podcast, hosted by a non-historian, covers the worlds greatest disasters and figures out what happened and sometimes, who is to blame. I recommend skipping the Black Plague episode this week and trying something more light-hearted ones like break-up of Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston.

Story Pirates


Kids can listen to podcasts too! This fun one has trained voice actors reading out stories submitted by kids around the world. With titles like ‘The case of the musical cinnamon buns’ and ‘My principal ate a worm’ it’s a podcast the whole family can enjoy and laugh along to together. The best part is your kids can write and submit their own stories.