German Bread Baking

Now that we all have heaps of flour in our pantry, we thought we’ll bring you a delicious German bread recipe, presented by our Artistic Programs Manager Sabrina Roesner in her best German accent.

500g organic Rye flour
500 g organic self-raising flour
(+ 150-200 g of flour for kneading)
1 table spoon salt
1 table spoon dry yeast
Spices: one tea spoon cumin (or you can use caraway, anis or fennel seeds)
100 g organic steel cut oats or cracked wheat
70g sunflower seeds (or any seeds, grains or nuts you like e.g. pumpkin seeds, walnuts, sesame seeds etc.)
150-200g graded carrots
750 ml of luke-warm water for mixing the yeast + a pinch of sugar
1. Put all dry ingredients except for the yeast into a mixing bowl and mix thoroughly.
2. Mix the yeast with luke-warm water and add a pinch of sugar.
3. Make a little well in your mixing bowl and slowly pour in the water while mixing it with dry ingredients. Mix for 2-3 minutes. You end up with a very sticky dough. That’s ok, that’s how its meant o be.
4. Cover the mixing bowl with a tea-towel and put somewhere warm like next to a heater or in a sheltered sunny spot. Let the dough rise for at least 60minutes.
5. Remove tea towel and add the remaining flour to the dough. Mix well. It’s still going to be quite sticky.
6. Pour the mix into a well-greased baking tin.
7. Set your oven to 180C and bake your bread for 60-70minutes.
8. After 60-70 minutes remove the bread from the oven and test that it’s ready by poking a knife into its center. If the knife emerges clean, its ready!
9. Let the bread cool off before removing it from the baking tin.