Easter Bunny Door

A fun Easter weekend project for kids of all ages. This Easter Bunny door is eco friendly and is made with leaves and sticks you can find around the yard.

What you need
1 piece of card
Pencil Scissors
PVA glue
A selection of leaves including – 2 light and 2 bright coloured leaves – 2 small leaves – Approx 10 large leaves
6 small sticks or grass roots
2 gum nuts
1 small seed or stone
*If it has been raining, collect your outside supplies the day before and leave them in a warm place to dry.

Press leaves between the pages of a book to flatten overnight – this makes them easier to glue.

The Steps

1. Draw an arch shape with bunny ears on your cardboard approx 15 x 15cm. This will form the backing of your door
2. Cut out shape (but keep your cardboard offcuts!)
3. Glue large leaves all over the backing and trim any overhanging edges.
4. Then glue leaves on his “cheeks”. These should overhang the edges like whiskers
5. Glue 3 sticks on top of each cheek to make whiskers.
6. Draw a circle on a leaf and cut out.
7. Glue over the top of the end of the whiskers. Repeat for other cheek.
8. Glue a seed (or equivalent) on for you bunny’s nose.
9. Find your 2 lighter coloured leaves and cut ends off to form teeth
10. Glue underneath your bunny’s nose
11. Glue 2 gumnuts above your bunny’s nose to form eyes
12. Trim 2 smaller leaves to make eyebrows and glue above eyes
13. Glue your 2 brighter coloured leaves on for his ears
14. Put aside in a warm safe place to dry 15. In the interim, you can make other accessories to go with your Easter Bunny Door.

We’ve made a “Sssh! I’m sleeping” sign out of the cardboard offcuts glued to a stick.

16. Place at the base of a tree for your children to find on their Easter Egg hunt!