Blue Mountains Portraits

Blue Mountains Portraits is the Cultural Centre’s annual celebration of the local community and its diverse members. The exhibiting artists portray the unique people that make up the cultural fabric of the Blue Mountains and tell the stories behind the person. Over forty artworks in a broad range of styles and media such as painting, photography, drawing, collage and mixed media will be exhibited together with a selection of local students’ work.

Exhibiting artists were: Amy Bell, Amy Grigg, Anais Grant, Andrew Merry, Anna Di Mezza, Anne Smith, Belle Smith, Ben Pearse, Bette Mifsud, Brigitte Grant, Camille Walsh, Chris Gray, Eloise Maree, Evelyn Argall, Fiona O’Beirne, Frank Boyle, Genelle Smith, Gerlinde Thomas, Helen Mountford, Jody Graham, Karlina Mitchell, Kayo Yokoyama, Kunchok Gyaltsen, Lili Aster Bird, Lynn Godfree, Mandy Schöne-Salter, Marty Walker, Michael Fardon, Neil Stevenson, Nick Stathopoulos, Peter Adams, Pleasance Ingle, Ron Salz, Roslyn Elms, Sandra Burns, Shane Smithers, Stella Pretty, Tim Ressos, Tim K Jones, Tracy Ponich, Victor Peralta, Wendy Tsai and students from Blue Mountains Grammar, Mountains Christian College, Kindle Hill and Katoomba High School.

In this Flickr album we have included captions for the works featured in the photographs to give you more background into this wonderful exhibition and the people featured in it.

Blue Mountains Portraits 2020