Artist Insight: Peachey and Mosig Stage 6 Case Study

Artist Insight is a three part case study series with Blue Mountains contemporary artists. The program aims to help Stage 6 students prepare memorable case studies for their HSC Visual Arts written exam. Through this program students have the opportunity to think critically and conceptually about  how art and artists connect to, and impact the world and audiences.

In term 2, Year 12 students from Nepean Creative and Performing Arts High School interviewed Rachel Peachey and Paul Mosig by live stream. The case study worksheet they undertook and recording of the live stream interview are available below.




ARTIST INSIGHT Peachey and Mosig




(Click on the time stamp to jump to the question in the video)

1. 0:08 Describe the processes you both undertake when planning your works and how you decide on your materiality? Please address time, research methods, material and technical approaches and collaboration considerations.

2. 4:27 Explain what ideas and concepts inspire your artistic practice?

3. 6:30 Explain what signs and symbols do you embed into your artworks? Do you pursue a visual aesthetic which links your artworks together?

4. 9:05 Discuss, what is your favourite artwork and proudest achievement to date?

5. 13:25 Explain how you work successfully in collaboration. Do you seek to involve others in your art making production?

6. 14:44 How do you balance your two worlds of web design and art practice? What is the ratio of your time between the two?

7. 17:59 Discuss, what do you feel is the role of art within our society and do you believe this is changing?

8. 21:36 Hypothetically speaking, if you were both able to interview an artist who would that be and why? Also, consider if you could own any artwork in the world, what would this artwork be and why?

9. 23:37 “Your artworks act as both a vehicle to the personal and the universal”. Explain if this your artist intention?

10. 24:20 How important is audience engagement in your artworks and what methods do you use to entice them?

11. 25:56 Loss, grief and memory are strong conceptual threads that weave throughout your artworks. Do you anticipate audience reactions to your artwork and is this process apart of the shaping of your artworks?

12. 27:55 How has COVID-19 affected your practice and general audience knowing about your art?

13. 30:07 Please explain the post-production processes and techniques you employ when producing your artworks.

14. 30:56 Discuss, where do you see your practice evolving in the next 10 years and what conceptual directions are you interested in exploring?