DIY Autumn Tile

DIY Autumn Tile – a project for all ages

What you’ll need:

🍁Craft knife
🍁PVA glue
🍁An assortment of coloured leaves
🍁2 pieces of stiff card the same size) we’ve repurposed a cardboard box)

1. Draw a design on one of the sheets of card (keep it as simple as your skill level because you have to cut it out!)

2. Cut out your design and set aside

3. Take your 2nd piece of card and cover it with glue – all over!

4. Stick your leaves down in a beautiful collage and cover them with glue (this will preserve their colour)

5. Now apply glue to the back of your first piece of card

6. Stick this on top of your leaf collage and trim off any overhanging leaf edges

7. Weight it down with a heavy book and let dry

8. You can decorate it further with markers and bits and pieces (we stuck twine to the back so that it became a hanging tile!)

This project can be as basic or as complex as you prefer 😊
Just imagine what a whole wall of these would look like!!