Play for Time

Damian Castaldi & Solange Kershaw
19 September – 1 November 2015

Castalsi Kershaw Key Image

ʻPlay For Timeʼ is a series of four audio-visual installations that invite the audience to engage with the works through playful, time based, interaction, recasting the visitor from passive observer to active creator. The ʻplayʼ element is reminiscent of Pierre Schaeffer and the ʻMusique Concrèteʼ movement within which the word jouer (to play) carried a double meaning: ʻto enjoy oneself by interacting with oneʼs surroundingsʼ, as well as to operate a musical instrumentʼ. The Four installations are:

T y p e  o v e r T i m e

P l a y O n g a k u

P l a y f o r T w i n e

L i t t l e C r e a t u r e C a b i n e t s

Damian Castaldi is a sound and digital media artist. Spanning over twenty years his career is built upon a diverse practice that encompasses mixed media installation, performance and audiovisual production. The research focus in his current work is on designing real-time interactive systems using software, sensors, signal processing, new musical instruments and sculptural objects for performance and audio visual installation, an area which he also works closely on with his partner Solange Kershaw.

Solange is an electronic artist and composer whose art practice involves exploring different ways of hearing, interpreting and interacting with the world. Her artistic commissions have included ABC radio, the Ensemble Theatre, the Australian Museum, the Sydney Writers Festival, AFTRS, SBS Radio, and many more. Solange also works closely with her partner Damian Castaldi and in their collaborative practice work extensively with sensor technologies and various hardware/softwares to produce gesture-based interactive sound installations.

IMAGE: DAMIAN CASTALDI and SOLANGE KERSHAW Little Creature Cabinets 2015, mixed media assemblage, kinetic sound installation, various dimensions

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Q&A with artists Damian Castaldi & Solange Kershaw

Saturday 3 October, 11:00am – 12:00pm

FREE with Gallery ticket.

Join Solange Kershaw & Damian Castaldi for a Q&A on their exhibition to discuss their work in sound and digital media and the important role of the visitor as a creator in their exhibition.

RSVPs appreciated at Reception or 4780 5410.