Undulatus: Linda Seiffert

4 July – 24 August 2014

Ceramic artist Linda Seiffert, creates distinctive sculptural forms which inquire into the mystery, diversity and dynamism of nature. In ‘Undulatus’ Seiffert will transform the gallery into an abstract landscape based on her exploration of the human relationship with the natural world; our alternating experience of belonging and separation. Seiffert challenges conventions in ceramics and audience perceptions of the art form,taking the exhibition “off the plinth” and encouraging the audience to immerse themselves in the oscillating sculptural landscape, amongst forms reminiscent of the peaks and valleys of a mountain range or a sea of swelling waves.

A Blue Mountains Cultural Centre Exposé program exhibition.

Image: LINDA SEIFFERT, Aqua Pod 2012, Ceramics 35 x 45 x 55 cm, photograph courtesy Chris Bennet.