25 November 2023 – 28 January 2024

Underground features dynamic and interactive works across a range of media.  Spanning traditional format through to geo-sensory and AI the works have been developed by four recognised Blue Mountains artists. The artists directly or indirectly engage with the transformation of materials, some sourcing the science of geology and successive changes in organic and non-organic materials such as the origins of precious metals formed from supernova and molten magna that erupts and crystallizes. The extraction of these materials from the Earth and the value placed on them are drivers of the global economy.

We live in an age when human dominance of biological, chemical, and geological processes is reshaping the Earth.

The “geological turn” signifies the transition to the Anthropocene, an unofficial and recently defined geological period in which humankind is declared to be the determining geological factor[1].

Outside of the scientific realm geo-mythologies created over millennia emanate from beneath the Earth’s crust among them the gods and demons of the Underworld.

All provide a wealth of source material for the artists to expand the breadth of their practice and realise an exhibition that will be visually and physically engaging with appeal to a wide audience of all ages.

Artists: Vicky Browne, Peachey & Mosig, and Simon Reece

A Blue Mountains City Art Gallery exhibition curated by Miriam Williamson

[1]   The Geological Turn: Narratives of the Anthropocene », in Hamilton C, Gemenne F. & Bonneuil C., dir., The Anthropocene and the Global Environmental Crisis: Rethinking Modernity in a new Epoch, Londres, Routledge, 2015, 15-31

IMAGE: PEACHEY & MOSIG Oracle 2023, Giclee print. Image courtesy of the artists