Stories from the Mountains

17 May – 20 July

Stories from the Mountains is an exhibition of work by Aboriginal artists connected to the Blue Mountains region and the stories they tell though their artwork. The exhibition includes painting, photography, video and installation. There are also several cultural objects displayed. Two of these, the Possum Skin Cloak and the Canoe, were made in workshops attended by local Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people in order to facilitate cultural exchange. The other is the Scarred Tree that was removed from Belleview Park in Lawson in 2003.

A Blue Mountains Cultural Centre exhibition.

Possum Skin Cloak 2013, Possum skins, pyrography courtesy Sharyn Brown and Susan Tate and Possum Skin Cloak Workshop participants
STEVE MCCARTHY: Bunburang 2013, grey box wood, pyrography;   Mulanggari Gunbi  2013, kurrajong wood, pyrography;  Najung Bul’lan 2014, bimble box wood, pyrography, paint