Simon Reece: Flotsam and jetsam

29 June – 11 August

Simon Reece’s exhibition Flotsam and jetsam is about rubbish, debris, detritus and how it impacts us but also reflects us and who we are. In the universe, cosmik debris is scattered throughout. This space waste becomes the building blocks for the universe itself. Something bigger is formed from this rubbish. However, our climate malaise is brought about by waste which is also creating something bigger. In this case, large blooms of jellyfish are appearing and highlight the detrimental warming of the oceans and the collapse of ecosystems.

At the centre of Reece’s new body of work, which includes ceramic and mixed media sculptural objects, sits a large scale jellyfish bloom giving shape to the terrifying beauty that is consuming our oceans. Small pieces of natural sponge collected from the beaches are made into cosmik debris, highlighting the wonder of the universe and how we inhabit it, and how repurposing our waste can be transformative.

A Blue Mountains Cultural Centre Exposé exhibition.

Image: SIMON REECE flotsam 2018 ceramic, underglaze, glaze and polymer clay 10 x 9 x 7 cm. Photo: Silversalt