Online exhibition from 22 June

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, which is unfolding on a global scale, this exhibition explores the shifts that are occurring in our society; from the rise of social distancing, the collapse of our economies and the growing fear of the invisible enemy – the Corona virus. Nine contemporary artists explore these issues as they occur in real time and display their works through the interactive exhibition website

Exhibiting artists are Brett Zejko, Damian Castaldi, Fiona Davies, Jodi McConaghy, Locust Jones, Marty Walker, Ona Janzen and Rachel Peachey & Paul Mosig

A Blue Mountains City Art Gallery exhibition curated by Sabrina Roesner

Image: LOCUST JONES Covid 19, six weeks in the life of a global pandemic from March 9 to April 20 and the mass media and states of hysteria that accompanied this time 2020, ink and pencil on paper, 154 cm x 1000 cm. Photo: Silversalt