16 Sep – 12 Nov

**Quiet time: the Gallery is quietest in the last hour of the day, from 4 – 5 pm week days and 3 – 4 pm on weekends**

sensorial embraces all our senses, and moves beyond the dominance of sight within the Gallery space. The exhibition consists of immersive environments that can be experienced through a variety of senses. Visitors can engage at their own level, either looking at the creative installations or participating in them by gently touching, hugging, interacting and listening.

Created for and by the neurodivergent community the exhibition aims to be an inclusive space for those who are often overwhelmed by bright lights and loud noises; or those who experience the world through touch and find looking unsatisfying.

Featuring Alison Bennett with Megan Beckwith, Liam Benson, Ramana Dienes-Browning, Inspired by Art led by Clare Delaney, Katoomba Neurodiversity Hub led by Amy Bell, Bailee Lobb, Prue Stevenson and Hannah Surtees.

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sensorial essays:

We asked three emerging writers to visit sensorial and experience the exhibition firsthand. Here are their responses.

Ianni Huang


Kristina Mustac


Rose Hannan


A Blue Mountains City Art Gallery exhibition curated by Rilka Oakley

This exhibition is supported by the Dobell Exhibition Grant, funded by the Sir William Dobell Art Foundation and managed by Museums & Galleries of NSW.

LIAM BENSON Hello, Good to Meet You, 2019. Commissioned by the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia for the Jackson Bella Room, 2019. Photos by Jaimi Joy, Courtesy the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia