Oceans from Here

8 May – 20 Jun

Chris Bennie | Dean Cross | Julia Davis | Emma Hamilton | Honey Long + Prue Stent | Izabela Pluta | Grant Stevens | Kai Wasikowski | John Young Zerunge

Oceans From Here explores the aesthetics of water, from mountain glaciers to the open seas, as it ebbs and flows as a global life force. This simple and abundant compound has the power to define planetary geography, etching the landscape and separating the continents.

Oceans From Here touches on the transitory qualities of water as it courses through nature and our bodies. The artists selected for this exhibition have responded to water as a vital element, which flows through the land to the seas and fills the atmosphere of our planet. Several of the artists reinforce notions of an Australian identity so closely tied to the oceans that surround this nation island. Others immerse the viewer in a metaphorical ocean that surrounds, defines and moves through us all. Curator, Allison Holland

Oceans from Here is an Australian Centre for Photography touring exhibition

IMAGE: KAI WASIKOWSKI Realtree #4, pure pigment print on archival paper, 90 x 115 cm, courtesy the artist