We Are Here – Nyaliya yinyam & Connections

25 June – 7 August

For NAIDOC 2022 Blue Mountains City Art Gallery will feature exhibitions by two local art groups: The Walanmarra Artists & Friends Group and the Painting Up Country TAFE group. Both groups explore the 2022 NAIDOC theme ‘Get Up Stand Up Show Up’.

We Are Here – Nyaliya yinyam











Blue Mountains Aboriginal community participants in the Painting Up Country TAFE course have been creating outline cut-outs of themselves using MDF boards to be painted and filled with mixed media images, pertaining to their own personal cultural connections and childhood environments.

These figures assembled onto the wall at the Cultural Centre and connected in some way emphasise the strength of unity. Despite our differences and physical ailments, working together and standing united helps consolidate our public voice.

‘Nyalia YinYam – We Are Here’ represents that solidarity and strength.

Image courtesy Leanne Tobin.

The Walanmarra Artists & Friends Group: Connections









The works in Connections tell the story about standing together. They reflect our true connection to culture and country and together, like these artworks–even when we stand alone–we show our strength through our connection with others.

When we get up it is through our art, our storytelling and coming together which shows up the strength of our connections throughout all time.

Our group uses a mixture of different techniques on silk – wax, gutta, natural dyes and plant imprints.

Participating artists are: Aunty Bev Eaton, Kerrie Miller, Linna King, Jade Bell, Serena Holman, Lynne Elliott, Pip Smith, Jan Groves, Jess Gemell, Sue Wildman

Image: courtesy Walanmarra Artists & Friends Group