Mycorrhizal Futurae – Ferox – Inferius

25 August – 7 October

Mycorrhizal: Futurae – Ferox – Inferius is Freedom Wilson’s new body of work which raises awareness of the endangered Buttercup Doubletail Orchid (Diuris aequalis). Orchids have evolved highly complex ecological partnerships over millennia. Beneath the soil each plant species depends on a specific species of Mycorrhizal fungus for its existence. Little is known about the optimal environmental conditions that support these fungi, but many can only grow in healthy ecosystems. Wilson participated in botanical surveys and field research in the Kanangra Boyd Wilderness area and in Snow Gum habitat near the Wombeyan Caves and Canberra. She was guided in her research by Ecologist and Saving Our Species Project Officer Anna Murphy from the Office of Environment and Heritage.

A Blue Mountains Cultural Centre Exposé Program exhibition

Image: FREEDOM WILSON Boyd River Buttercup Double Tail Orchid 2018, mono print, 77 x 57cm. Photo: Marty J Walker.