Moving House: Susan & Peter O’Doherty

25 July – 24 August 2014

Moving House is a collaborative exhibition between artist couple Peter and Susan O’Doherty, combining Susan’s mixed media constructions and Peter’s paintings. The exhibition reflects their respective childhoods living in families that were perpetually on the move. Susan’s constructed wooden and painted assemblages encase found objects depicting the various rooms of the house. To convey the sense of scale through a child’s eye, Peter has painted a series of large canvases, images of suburban houses, their facades, driveways and streetscapes reflecting the distinctive suburban architecture of decades past and present.

A Blue Mountains Cultural Centre exhibition.

PETER O’DOHERTY Corner House Curl Curl 2013, acrylic on canvas, 136 x 122 cm
SUSAN O’DOHERTY Randwick Dining Room 2013, mixed media assemblage, 120 x 140 x 20 cm