1 August – 20 September

Blue is the most popular colour in contemporary Western societies, a colour with profound social and historical associations and symbolism that resonates throughout art, language, history, religion, gender, science, psychology and more.  The exhibition BLUE presents the works of MAPBM artists exploring the notions of blue through a variety of media – painting, video, photograph , sculpture, installation art and performance art. Exhibiting artists are:

Susan Andrews
M Bozzec
Kris Peta Deray
Tom Isaacs
Beata Geyer
Tom Loveday
Naomi Oliver
Katya Petetskaya
Rebecca Waterstone
Miriam Williamson and Brad Allen-Waters

 A Blue Mountains Cultural Centre Exposé Program exhibition curated by Beata Geyer

Image:  M BOZZEC Blue Notes 2 2020, coloured pencil on paper, 63 x 59.6 cm. Photo courtesy the artist

Banner image: BEATA GEYER, River Blau (detail) 2020, acrylic on wood & MDF, castors, variable dimensions. Photo courtesy the artist