Leahlani Johnson

However late it may seem
9 August – 8 October

Leahlani Johnson’s However late it may seem is an exhibition of new, site specific installation work that combines ceramics, painting, plant material and moving image to investigate the paradoxical nature of time.

Johnson juxtaposes various mediums within her installations to reveal the opposing durational qualities of stillness, temporality and flux. She explores different forms of timekeeping, with the ceramic elements revealing gestures of everyday objects within a static form; the moving images convey a sense of compressed time; and the  plant works,  created through a labour intensive process, will change with time and alter colour, shape and texture. The combination of these diverse mediums allow time to be re-imagined from a linear formation into a more malleable substance.

 LEAHLANI JOHNSON Petal work 2015, paper daisy petals, dimensions variable. Image Zan Wimberley