Kevina-Jo Smith: Never Give Up

Kevina-Jo Smith’s Never Give Up is an immersive installation, combining film, photographs, textile panels and costumes to enact a collective consciousness around the ever increasing environmental threats facing our planet. The exhibition is formulated as a direct response to Smith’s experience as artist in residence in a remote Indigenous community in the Guna Yala region of Panama. Smith’s art practice is focused on connecting the material world with the imagined – global with local. She weaves an intensely personal visual language as a means of addressing social, environmental and political issues. Her multi-layered installations often incorporate up-cycled and found materials, with each component being delicate and time consuming to create. This slow and labour intense process is Smith’s tribute to the natural world and a ritual against destruction.

A Blue Mountains Cultural Centre Exposé Program exhibition.

BANNER IMAGE: From the Armilla, Never Give Up series 2017, digital archival print, 40 x 56 cm. Photo: Kevina-Jo Smith

IMAGE RIGHT: KEVINA-JO SMITH Queen of the Turtles (detail) 2017, type C print, 101 x 81 cm. Photo: Sofie Iverson