Honouring Country – Sharing our Stories

This program celebrates Aboriginal culture through the annual commission of digital artworks by Aboriginal creative practitioners, arts collectives and community groups of the Blue Mountains region, Western Sydney and Central West.

In collaboration with the Blue Mountains Theatre & Community Hub Blue Mountains Cultural Centre commissions four digital artworks by local First Nations artists annually. These works take the shape of photography, film, interviews, song and storytelling and are displayed in the public foyer areas of the Cultural Centre and the Hub.

From July 2022 – July 2023 the following artists will be shown:

Wagana Aboriginal Dancers (2 July – 31 August)
Rebecca Chatfield (1 September – 30 October)
Mikayla Chadwick (1 November – 31 December)
Blak Douglas (1 January – 28 February)

Image: Mea-Mei Stanbury