Eddie Abd: killer tongue, i love you

16 Jul – 4 Sep

killer tongue, i love you is a major new body of work by multi-media artist Eddie Abd. The exhibition opens a conversation around the idea of mother tongues as carriers of identity within the context of the artist’s personal experience of growing up in a French cultural hegemony in Lebanon and raising a family in colonised Australia. Reconciling the need to create a different understanding of the self beyond dichotomies, language as a cultural marker becomes open to an exploration.

Through video, digital prints and object installation Eddie Abd works with her family to express these tensions through everyday instances of play and performance. Eddie Abd uses her own childhood collection of Martine picture books, narrated in French and acquired in Lebanon in the eighties, as a frame to explore language, family dynamics and representation. Viewed through a subversive lens, Martine’s much loved rosy adventures, become a ground for reflection on personal and wider cultural constructions.

A Blue Mountains City Art Gallery exhibition

EDDIE ABD Mother’s tongue 2022, two channel video projection (still). Courtesy the artist