Blue Mountains Portraits 2021

Blue Mountains Portraits 2021
23 Jan – 7 Mar

Blue Mountains Portraits is the Cultural Centre’s annual celebration of the local community and its diverse members. The exhibiting artists portray the unique people that make up the cultural fabric of the Blue Mountains and tell the stories behind the person. Over forty artworks in a broad range of styles and media such as painting, photography, drawing, collage and mixed media will be exhibited together with a selection of local students’ work.

Selected artists for 2021:

Eddie  Abd, Helen Andrews, Ann Babinard, Frank Boyle, Doran Brewer, Ashlee Bucholtz, Kathy Butler, Sama Cooper, Jo Davies, Anna Di Mezza, Monika Diak, Cate Dudley, Helen Flint, Jennifer Gabbay, Jody Graham, Sally Grant, Rachel Hall, Peta Hinton, Sean Hutton, Pleasance Ingle, Samra Kendall, April Keogh, Emily Lane, Judith Lodwick, Marie Mansfield, Eloise Maree, Antony McDonald, Paul McKenzie, Andrew Merry, Dawn Mills, Karlina Mitchell, Helen Mountford, William O’Connell, Sean O’Keefe, Jenal Oliver, Ben Pearse, Victor Peralta, Tracy Ponich, Christopher Prior, Sakina Reijners, Enrico Scotece, Michael Shirley, Nell Smith, Mike Stone, Hannah Surtees, Linda Swinfield, Jane Taverner, Wendy Tsai, Amanda Young and D-Mo Zjac

A Blue Mountains City Art Gallery exhibition