Black & Blue from the Collection

The Blue Mountains Cultural Centre Collection was launched in March 2014. Since then the Collection has grown to include over 100 significant works of painting, sculpture, video, photography and printmaking. Each artwork is chosen based on its excellence, relevance, value and ability to celebrate the cultural identity of the Blue Mountains.

Black & Blue from the Collection showcases a selection of works from the original Black & Blue project that were donated in 2015. The works are a collaborative effort between writers and illustrators living in the Blue Mountains. They showcase interpretations of dark and mysterious stories associated with the Blue Mountains, with illustrations limited to a colour palette of black, white and blue.

The stories range from historical fact to local legends. Each story has been interpreted through both a piece of visual art and a piece of writing (a poem or a short piece of prose). In contrast to the conventional relationship between illustrators and writers, both artistic and written interpretations represent individual responses to the same story.

A Blue Mountains City Art Gallery exhibition.

IMAGE: TOHBY RIDDLE The Hermit of Hat Hill (Illustration) 2014 digital print on Hahnemuehle photo rag, hand cut stamps and stencils, sponges and ink pads 1/5. Donated to the Blue Mountains Cultural Centre Collection by the Black & Blue collective 2015. Black & Blue the collected edition based on an original concept by Faye Wilson.