Launched in March 2014, the Blue Mountains Cultural Centre Fine Art Collection is continuously growing. Each artwork selected based on its excellence, relevance, value and ability to celebrate the cultural identity of the Blue Mountains. Through considered and strategic collecting, we are building a body of artwork that our community will cherish in years to come. Like all great art, the collection uplifts, inspires, educates, amazes, challenges, preserves our histories, reflects our beliefs, and will hold and protect the legacies of artists and donors who understand the value that the Arts plays in a healthy, vibrant and engaged society.

Unlike many regional gallery collection the Cultural Center’s collection is not associated with an art prize. The collection is curated, with all artworks acquired through careful selection by the Cultural Centre advisory committee. This method of collecting ensures the integrity of the collection as it grows and guarantees all artworks acquired have been considered based on their relevance to the collection as a whole and their ability to be exhibited on a regular basis.

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All donations accepted through the Cultural gifts programs are tax deductible. Please refer to the Collections Policy for further information.  

Full details of Blue Mountains Cultural Centre’s Collection Policy can be found here Blue Mountains Cultural Centre Collection Policy.