Christine Johnson: Voyages Botanical

9 January – 21 February 2016

CHRISTINE JOHNSON Xerochrysum bracteatum 2014 solar plate engraving

Voyages Botanical is Christine Johnson’s tribute to the untamed treasures of Australia’s vast native flower garden. It is indeed a voyage: through rare and wonderful landscapes, but also through our botanical heritage and history. Johnson’s delicate and beautifully-realised solar plate engravings of wildflowers are powerful symbols of the vulnerability and fragility of Australia’s natural environment and heritage.

IMAGE: CHRISTINE JOHNSON  Xerochrysum bracteatum (A series) 2014, Solar-plate engraving created from the original copper-plate engraving of a Sydney Parkinson drawing


Lunchtime Talk

9 January, 11:00am – 12:00pm

Find out more about the exhibition Voyages Botanical and join Christine (Artist and Recipient of the Creative Fellowship at the State Library of Victoria) for a lunchtime talk.

Johnson’s aim is simple: to tell the story of the early years of the exploration of Australia – but embellishing it by blending art with science, cartography and facsimiles of writings from the explorers’ journals, including the flowers they picked along the way.

Free with Gallery ticket. RSVPs appreciated at Reception or 4780 5410.