Opened in 1988, Braemar Gallery is a community gallery, hosting changing exhibitions each month that showcase works of local and regional artists. Situated in the beautiful historic Braemar House, the gallery is a valuable community venue and a must-see for lovers of local art.


Jo Langley: Field of Reference
4 Nov – 5 Dec

Jo Langley’s Field of Reference is the result of two years studio practice. She has developed a body of work in which gouache and acrylic paintings inform one another. The viewer is invited to observe an evolution of composition, structure, paint application and colour choice within three painting genres. Langley’s main focus in this exhibition is the abstract. Organic shapes playfully draw on memory of landscape and subconsciousness of
archetype. These artworks are a journey in self-trust and discovery involving decisions about what can stay and what should go – a balance or battle between control and capriciousness, finesse and freshness.

JO LANGLEY Aurora 2021, Acrylic on canvas, 65 x 65 cm

Gina Harrowell: Of Love and Monsters
4 Nov – 5 Dec

The artworks in this exhibition are part biography, part psychological exploration and part pure imagination. Artist Gina Harrowell enjoys expressing the inner journey of a person (or monster!) which is represented by figures in a landscape or place. Often painting children and young women, as a personal link to the idea of growth and change, Harrowell tells a story, as if illustrating a picture book without words. Evident is the play of light in the darkness: the Paradox of Love and Monsters.

GINA HARROWELL Little Yowie 2020, Acrylic & Gouache on paper 59 x 79cm

Jane Taverner: Trauma Blankets
4 Nov – 5 Dec

Trauma Blankets wraps the darkness of trauma inside a soft pastel embrace in Jane Taverner’s large-scale, hand-embroidered textile pieces. Exploring themes of infertility, infidelity, domestic abuse, dementia, violence and death on sustainably sourced vintage blankets, each work seeks to transform Taverner’s emotional pain into an object of aesthetic beauty. Challenging and confrontational, Taverner’s work evokes empathy and understanding,
whilst emphasising the fundamental human experience of trauma, whether personal or universal and the potent capacity of the creative process in healing wounds. This is not The Needle and the Damage Done, rather The Damage Done that the Needle Fixed.

JANE TAVERNER Ubertas Et Fidelitas, 2019, French embroidery cotton on wool textile, 191cm x 157cm