Felt Toys awaiting happy hearts to love and cherish them
Making & spreading toy joy is simply what I do. There is absolute pure pleasure from being a creative designer to making and selling toys to happy hearts everywhere. The whole construction process is a calming, quiet, meditative practice that keeps me going into the wee hours.
Every toy has a good dollop of heartfelt love and joy to take to their new home with a signature hand cut heart on their bottom. They are all unique and one of a kind, handmade throughout the whole process from cutting, to the stitching and stuffing.
Felt is a beautiful and versatile fabric that comes in an array of gorgeous colours to work from. I create my own toy patterns and also source patterns from other toy designers to come up with a complete collection that will get added to as my toy making journey continues. All toy creations are done with the utmost care and love to create individual keepsake’s for you to treasure.
I love to design and create one of a kind, unique, felt toy keepsakes for all big and little kids everywhere. All toys have my marker’s mark, hand cut heart on their bottom – so that you know you have a toy made with love and lots of care. My toys await to find their special cuddle buddy.

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