Handprinted textile creations, inspired by the wild Australian landscape

At the Laughing Bird Print Studio we are enamoured with the magnificent World Heritage listed bush environment on our Blue Mountain’s doorstep, drawing and developing intricate prints which pay tribute to Australia’s unique and complex ecology.

In studio we enjoy traditional printmaking methods, using our hands and a squeege to create each and every print.

We source a mix of linen, canvas, paper and wooden surfaces for our prints, and stitch and construct locally within the Blue Mountain’s.

We have been around here for a while now, establishing in 2006 when printmaker Freedom Wilson first arrived in the Blue Mountain’s from Central Australia, put on her boots and went walking through the incredible flowering Waratah’s of October’s bush. Prints are ideveloped by drawing experience, animals that have watched us watching them, places that we have stopped to picnic, fallen leaves, wildflowers, and beautiful bouquets of native flowers from amazing local florists.


Virtual Wollemi special this weekend. Each Website order over $99 will Receive a free Beetle on Gum Flower print on linen tea towel.

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