Welcome to Blue Shed Aroma Distillery, your personal essential oil distiller capturing the beautiful aromas of the Upper Blue Mountains Australia.

Blue Shed Aroma Distillery is a micro distillery based just outside of Lithgow and was born out of the necessity to create and celebrate the aromas of Australia, by providing our customers essential oils and floral waters which have been carefully hand harvested and distilled from captured rain water.

Our history of distilling tracks back to Eastern European and Mediterranean regions, where my ancestors of ancient distillers have been creating essential oils over last century. The soft art of distilling has been passed down through the generations to be now created in Australia just the same as my ancestors did in centuries before.

The Upper Blue Mountains region stretches far beyond the famous Three Sisters in Katoomba, the Hydro-Majestic in Meadlow Bath and many other landmarks. The Upper Blue Mountains captures areas, of Lithgow, Oberon, the Megalong Valley and beyond.

Native flora is hand-harvested from the Upper Blue Mountains region as one-off products that are not available anywhere else in the world, as each of the species I personally distill are specific to the region, and by living here it gives me access to a plentiful harvest every year, whilst respecting the local fauna and their native habitats.