Sculpture Otherwise + Re-Mix

13 April – 13 May 2018

Sculpture Otherwise is an exhibition of small sculpture by the exhibiting artists participating in Sculpture at Scenic World in 2018. The indoor exhibition provides a fantastic opportunity for collectors and the public to purchase works by emerging, mid-career and established Australian and international artists from the 2018 Sculpture at Scenic World exhibition.

A Sculpture at Scenic World exhibition

GEORGIA HUMPHRIES Coloured Model 2017, coloured paper card and sticky tape, 140 x 18 x 11 cm. Photo by Silversalt


Re-Mix is an extension of the Sculpture at Scenic World exhibition, showcasing outdoor artworks at various locations throughout the upper Mountains including the Cultural Centre. This year the Cultural Centre hosts a sound piece by local artist Damian Castaldi.

Unusual Birds 2018
audio loop on CD (16 minutes)

Unusual Birds is an audio remix in the style of electronica & ambient soundtrack. It takes its name from the algorithmic processing of location sound recordings taken in Pekina, a small town in the wheat belt of the Flinders Ranges in South Australia. The unusualness of the birds is in the remix of added rhythmic synthesis found in their duration, pitch and timbre and the sonic playfulness that is reproduced in their cross talk and bird song along with an array of other dog and insect sounds.

Castaldi wasn’t able to immediately identify the birds he recorded but some of the possibilities are the Whistling Kite, the Black-shouldered Kite or the Black-breasted Buzzard. Other species of birds found in the Flinders Ranges include the Chestnut Teal, the Swamp Harrier, the Spotted Harrier, the Dusky Moorhen, the Banded Lapwing, the Straw-necked Ibis, the Australian White Ibis, and the Pied Heron.

The sound is produced to drift in and out of our listening consciousness and to become part of the environment within which it is heard, in this case, the outdoor foyer space and viewing platform of the Blue Mountains Cultural Centre.

Damian Castaldi is a sound and digital media artist. Spanning over twenty years his career is built upon a diverse practice that encompasses mixed media installation, performance and audiovisual production.