Contemporary Gallipoli Gallery Performances

Exhibition Opening Performance

Epitaph by Toby Roberts

Friday October 19


Join us for this experiential and emotive exhibition opening as musician and composer Toby Roberts performs select songs from Epitah, a soundscape responding to and inspired by artworks from Contemporary Gallipoli. Roberts invites the audience on a diverse musical journey, weaving traditional and contemporary sounds together in order to traverse the landscapes of remembrance and pay tribute to the visual stories of Gallipoli.


Gallipoli Sensings

Performed by the Commodores Chamber Trio

Saturday November 3


Scored for woodwind trio by Australian Composer Christopher Sainsbury, Gallipoli Sensings explores sensations surrounding the Australian experience of the Gallipoli campaign.  Consisting of three sections, the piece evokes the foreboding feelings of soldiers waiting for battle, the romanticism of a foreign land and the rallying of national support for the war. Performed by Members of the Royal Australian Navy Band Sydney, Greg turner, Maria Smith and Paul Stiles.

Free with Gallery Entry. RSVP appreciated at Reception or 4780 5676