Join Blue Mountains Cultural Centre for a range of exciting classes and courses. See below for what’s on this month or the side panel for all other upcoming programs.

Sculptural Masterclass with Clara Hali
Figure modelling with life model
Sunday 6 May, 10am – 4pm

Clara Hali is a widely exhibited artist who boldly engages with the human form and surrounding rock formations of the Blue Mountains landscape. Her sculptures combine figurative and abstract elements, exploring the duality of human strength and fragility. This dynamic workshop is designed for beginning and advanced students interested in the human figure as a subject of art. Using mindfulness techniques students will learn how to represent the human form sculpturally, making numerous clay sketches directly from the life model. Short poses will focus on the development of gesture and expression, with longer poses used to study anatomy and interpretations of the human form.
Clay and modelling stands will be provided but students should bring a cardboard or polystyrene box, plastic bags, a kitchen cutting board and vegetable knife. If owned, pottery tools can also be used in the workshop. Students will receive instructions on how to prepare sculptures for firing and information on where their work can be fired.

$170 / $150 Insight Members

Felt making for adults
Make your own French beret with local artist Saskia Everingham of Fojo Fibre
Saturday 14 April
10:30AM – 12:30PM
Embrace your inner artist by making a French Beret, inspired by the Parisian etchings of Wendy Sharpe and Bernard Ollis. Choose the traditional black or be bold in your colour choice. No felting experience necessary. $40 | $30 InSight Members. Includes all materials. Bookings essential at Reception or 4780 5410.

Felt making for kisd
Make your own treasure purse with local artist Saskia Everingham of Fojo Fibre
Tuesday 24 April
10:30AM – 11:30AM
Enjoy lots of soapy fun making a little purse out of brightly coloured wool and water to keep your treasures safe and warm. No felting experience necessary.
$20 | $15 InSight Members Includes all materials. Bookings essential at Reception or 4780 5410.


Wednesdays, 2 May – 27 June, 10:30am – 1pm

This exciting workshop will cover the many varied creative and technical approaches to the landscape painting tradition. Students will be able to work plein air (taking in the spectacular views from the Cultural Centre) as well as from sketches, photos, memory and imagination. They will explore colour, mark making and composition. Tim will demonstrate many techniques and approaches to the genre; he will introduce and analyse historical and contemporary landscape artists as well as discussing his own work. There will also be plenty of individual feedback as students develop their own unique approaches and styles. Suitable for all students with some previous painting or drawing experience (equivalent to a one term art class or more).

$350 / $325 InSight Members
Includes all materials. Bookings essential at Reception or 4780 5410.