Opened in 1988, Braemar Gallery is a community gallery, hosting changing exhibitions each month that showcase works of local and regional artists. Situated in the beautiful historic Braemar House, the gallery is a valuable community venue and a must-see for lovers of local art.


Tim and Bron Newman
Double Vision

1 October  – 25 October 2020

This exhibition consists of two artists, Tim and Bron Newman, responding to the same subject and placing the artworks next to each other. This demonstrates the different interpretations that the artists draw from observing the same scene.

The subject matter centres on reflections of the Blue Mountains environment in which the artists live. The common subject matter juxtaposed with the individual responses raises larger questions in the mind of the viewer. How do we look at the landscape? How does where we are coming from, our preconceptions, influence how we interpret a scene? How do we go about broadening the way that we look at the environment?

The works include the use of oils, acrylics, gauche, collage, inks, pastels, bitumen and shellac on board, canvas and paper.

The exhibition also includes one installation. This shows a photo of a subject and an artwork by each artist.

IMAGE: BRON NEWMAN Springfield 1 (detail), 2020, oil on paper, 50 x 70 cm

IMAGE: TIM NEWMAN Springfield 2, 2020, acrylic on board, 50 x 70 cm

Martin Roberts
Landscapes from the Anthropocene

1 October  – 25 October 2020

Landscapes from the Anthropocene is an exhibition by Martin Roberts that considers the proposed geological age during which human activity has become the dominant influence on the environment, ecosystems and the climate. The collection is textile based, with a variety of fabrics collaged together, painted, stitched and incorporate a variety of mixed media and found

objects to create layers of images and textures that contemplate our changing world.

IMAGE: MARTIN ROBERTS The Ochre City 2020, fabric appliqué, acrylic paint, plastic sheet, found plastic objects, sequins and resin, 100 x 64 cm

Natalie Sharpe
I Am Alive

1 October  – 25 October 2020

I Am Alive is a collection of mixed media works produced during artist Natalie Sharpe’s Covid hibernation, which expresses her response to these strange and daunting times.

Sharpe’s initial ‘vision’ for this exhibit morphed from a focus on our connection with the earth into questions about connections with each other, the natural environment and her own existence.

With more restrictions ‘outside’ Sharpe allowed herself less restrictions on the ‘inside’, resulting in a colourful abstract narrative of her life in a box (and how she has coped during Covid).

In Sharpe’s own words: 

“Exploring themes of isolation, fear, adaptability, magic and joy, I bring you my night time Covid doodling/playtime fun sessions!!!!! ……….. On canvas and paper.

What do I do if I don’t know what to do? Make it up!  

 Welcome, I am alive.”

 IMAGE: NATALIE SHARPE My Family Holiday 2020, watercolour and pen on paper, 15 x 10.5 cm