Braemar House & Gallery

Opened in 1988, Braemar Gallery, which is located in Braemar House, functions as a community gallery, hosting changing exhibitions that showcase works of local and regional artists. Situated in beautiful historic Braemar House, the gallery is a valuable community venue. Braemar has a particular interest in displaying works by local artists. Over time, the gallery has become well known for high standard art works of various mediums.

104 Macquarie Road, Springwood, NSW 2777

Opening Hours
Thursday – Sunday | 10am – 4pm




Exhibitions are selected via an annual application process. Artists are currently invited to submit proposals for the 2018 Braemar Gallery Exhibition Program.

Applications close Monday 14 August 2017

The Braemar Gallery Exhibition Program is a great opportunity for artists and community groups based in the Blue Mountains region to exhibit at this historic venue and showcase their works to a diverse audience. Successful applications will be exhibited in the 2018 calendar year.

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Tim Newman
Interplay – Light
27 July – 20 August 2017


The work in this exhibition explores the interaction of light and dark in the landscape. The emphasis is on painting using mixed media in an expressive/abstract style on canvas and paper.

Light only exists when placed against darkness. The interplay between the two is how we see the world. Positive and negative space are equally important yet have very different roles. Our eye is attracted to light. The challenge here is to look beyond the obvious to gain a broader understanding of and fresh insights into our physical and psychological landscape.

Image: TIM NEWMAN Nocturnal 2016, acrylic, 70 x 50 cm

Bron Newman
Interplay – Surface
27 July – 20 August 2017


Bron Newman’s work focuses on surface; the contrast between the shapes, patterns and textures of nature with the shapes, textures and intricate patterns formed by the built, industrial landscape. Nature is reduced to an almost abstract surface depiction, and the commonplace and ordinary of the built-environment in our landscape takes on another perspective when depicted in different ways. These include a loose and expressive manner to a more structured and representational approach.

Mixed media has been chosen, as well as charcoal and oil, to produce gritty somewhat earthy representations of different aspects of our utilitarian surroundings. Scenes and images that the ordinary viewer would generally pass without noticing, receive a focus that highlights a rugged beauty.

Image: BRON NEWMAN Industrial 1 2015, mixed media, 75 x 95 cm

The Creative Collective
Stories from Leaves
27 July – 20 August 2017


The Creative Collective consists of eight professional women, in the teaching and design fields. Over the past year, the group have met regularly in the Blue Mountains, in their homes and surrounds, to bond and encourage each other on their artistic journey. Stories from Leaves shares their discoveries of creative growth and inspired connections with their community. Highlighting natural scenes and textures, each artist has been inspired by the environment and the Blue Mountains community, and has been challenged to find a way to tell her story.

Featuring works by Coleen English-Thomas, Shirley Gavin, Sandi Lucock, Anne McDonald, Jenny Oxley, Susan Ruming, Glenice Ware and Kerrey Williams.

Image: SANDI LUCOCK Leaf stencils 2016, Australian leaves cut with scalpel, 32 x 60 cm