Opened in 1988, Braemar Gallery is a community gallery, hosting changing exhibitions each month that showcase works of local and regional artists. Situated in the beautiful historic Braemar House, the gallery is a valuable community venue and a must-see for lovers of local art.


Sally Gersbach, Rhonnie Toole, Tanya Taggart Sketchy Mountains Moments

21 February – 17 March 2019

Sally Gersbach, Rhonnie Toole and Tanya Taggart make up our small group of likeminded artists living in the Blue Mountains. It is through embracing the Urban Sketching movement that we began to genuinely immerse ourselves artistically with our surroundings. We mindfully document our personal stories on location through images of the everyday, iconic, random and the natural. Our sketchbooks have become an intimate portal into the fleeting moments of the life we lead here in the Blue Mountains. It is this uniqueness of the mountains that we wish to share through our art.
During this exhibition we are endeavouring to demonstrate to the audience the processes used in developing our art works. Our field study sketch books will be on display, a number of small framed sketches and five major works from each of us will be hung for sale. A range of cards carrying our artworks will also be available for purchase. On the veranda a work station would be set up where visitors to the exhibition could participate in a simple sketch class. It is through this interactive display we hope to ignite people’s interest in art and sketching.


Lynda Hyde Colour Field Seven

21 February – 17 March 2019

Lynda Hyde has been exploring The Geometric Form, Repetition and Colour since the 1970’s following her training in Drafting.
A Blue Mountains resident for 28 years, she is fascinated with infinite variations of colour, sharp contrasts in her surrounding environment, spatial relationships and geometric transformations.
Her work grows from the early European pioneers in the field of Perceptual Abstraction; Victor Vasarely, the father of the Op Art movement, and Zanis Waldheims and his “Geometrization of the Exhaustive Thought.”
Using an underlying symmetry to create asymmetry, the works in this exhibition build on those explored in her two previous solo shows.

Image : LYNDA HYDE Brother, can you Paradigm 2018, acrylic on board



Kathryn Saunders écouter fluxus

21 February – 17 March 2019


Saunders work stemmed from her interest in modern art and the various movements of the avant-garde.

“The process of making the art is very important and without that process it is devoid of life and meaning. The process of blocking colours and textures in my paintings is likened to sections of history, appropriation and interest folding over one another.”

Image : KATHRYN SAUNDERS écouter fluxus 1 2018, acrylic on board