Site Design

Internationally renowned Sydney architects Hassell have developed the design concept for the Blue Mountains Cultural Centre.

Leading Sydney architect and Hassell Chairman, Ken Maher said of the design:

” The design concept is inspired by the form and materials of this special landscape. Gently vaulted and delicate roofs respect the undulating forms of the mountain ranges, and emphasise the directional nature of the views through the site.

A central public space provides a focus for the various public facilities of the site, and allows the display of art and performances within the dramatic setting of the surrounding landscape.

The Cultural Centre’s City Art Gallery, Interpretive Centre, Theatrette and Café and the new Katoomba Library are all accessible from the central square, which is also linked by various routes back to Katoomba Street.

The design is open and welcoming, with generous provision of open space providing enhancement to the important cultural facilities.”

Podium Level Floor Plan

Pedestrian Access